Ann Mendenhall, Pianist and Teacher

3790 Glenora Road

Duncan, BC V9L 6S5




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Your Life's Work is a gift in our home and lives of our children's homes. Thank you for your passion, your dedication, your professionalism, your attention to details, your rich musical heritage, your kindness, your caring, your devotion and your love. 

‚Äč            ~ Shelly & Rob P.

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Parents say...

"Ann Mendenhall has won my 9-year-old son's heart and imagination, and he has this to say about Ann: 'She's nice, a good teacher. She makes piano fun, and I like going to her house for lessons.'  I constantly, highly and enthusiastically recommend Ann to everyone I know." 

    ~   Tammy M. 


Thank you for everything over the last 11 years. You have had such an influence on my life...I will be forever grateful for your patience and all that you have taught me. Music will always be a big part of my life. I am thankful you have taught me the value of music. 

           ~ Bridget P.

"Ann has been the best possible teacher for my daughters.  They have developed great music appreciation, theory and technical skills and sensitivity as performance musicians. Their playing has placed them in top spots in music festival competitions and they have performed very well in the Royal Conservatory examinations... Most importantly, my daughters have a great love and respect for Ann. Ann has never failed to be patient and supportive in all that they do."   ~ Fran K.

Superior Piano Teaching in Duncan, B.C.

"In discovering Ann, we could not have asked for a better teacher. Ann not only radiates her expertise and passion for piano (and music in general) but instills a level of confidence, pride and hard-work in her students. We value the high expectations that she holds and her caring approach...."  ~ Nadine C. and Joe K.

"My technique, sight reading and musicality have all improved dramatically. In contrast to other teachers, Ann is able to not only tell you what a piece should sound like but is also able to break it down and demonstrate how to move your hands, fingers and arms to achieve that ideal sound. I enjoy my lesson time with Ann and always leave feeling that I have accomplished something."      ~  Janine N., adult student

"Although our daughter did not pursue music as a career, through music lessons with Ann she acquired valuable study habits and life skills that have helped her significantly through post-secondary education and in her chosen career as a health professional." 

      ~ Leah and Lou C.